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The Militia is constitutionally required by both the United States constitution and the constitutions of the various states. Depending on the state, it is either a volunteer parallel or adjunct to the National Guard in that state, or it is actually the greater body within which the National Guard exists. Under normal circumstances, the militia, or its non-National Guard segment, stands by to serve at the call of the Governor.

For example, in Idaho, should the Governor determine that extreme peril exists to the safety of persons and property within the state, or any part thereof, and that neither the police nor the National Guard alone are capable of handling the situation, the militia may be called upon by the Governor as provided in the state's constitution and statutes:

  • to meet the service needs of our State and her People caused by such conditions as

    • natural disasters
    • epidemics
    • insurrection, riot, or breach of the peace;

  • to meet the defense needs of our State and her People against an actual or threatened enemy attack.

In all cases, under abnormal circumstances where the state has failed or been overrun, the militia is authorized by the Tenth Amendment to the United States constitution to take responsibility for these duties under the independent command of its officers, answering to the citizenry as a whole.

For more information, including the constitutional and legal requirements that establish the militia and provide for its training and discipline, and how we screen affiliating militia units, please refer to the About page.



Neither StateMilitia.US, nor any of its affiliated constitutionally-authorized militia organizations,
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